Options For Correcting Or Improving Your Vision Today

Today’s technology has come a long way in the in both the correction and improvement of vision. These milestones have been of great help to patients with eye problems. Both the old and young who are faced with eye problems can now get the required solutions to their problems.


The technology that is being used in the manufacture of the lens has enabled exceptional designs. These designs can be modeled into any shape or size for superb visual quality. These advancements have made it able to produce thin lens that make glasses look more attractive.

The materials used in production have also made today’s glasses lighter. This can also be associated with the slimmer size of frames. However, these modern glasses are more expensive than traditional ones. This is linked to the materials used to make the lens.


The contact lens for patients with normal refractive anomalies such as nearsightedness and farsightedness have improved drastically over the past few years. Almost all patients within these errors can now be able to wear contacts.

The use of disposable contacts has made it a healthy and more comfortable process. These contacts can be disposed-off daily after use. Dryness experienced earlier is now a thing of the past thanks to materials that are being used. The vision of today’s contacts is clearer than ever before.

Combination Of Contacts And Glasses

Correcting or improving your vision today can involve these two. One can wear contacts and still put on glasses. People who use contacts can now have some glasses to use.

One can use glasses in the morning and evening after a whole day of wearing contacts. This can greatly help individuals such as athletes. Individuals how wear glasses can also consider the option of using contacts as part-time.

LASIK Surgery

Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis is one of the popular procedures today. Correction is made through reshaping the tissues of the cornea. Laser technology is used during this flap. This type of surgery enables one to regain vision within a few days. Discomfort is additionally reduced. If you live in Oregon click here for Portland Lasik surgery options.

SBK Surgery

Sub-Bowman’s Keratomileusis is a correction procedure similar to LASIK surgery. It involves the use of laser for correction. However, flapping is not as deep as with LASIK surgery. SBK surgery enables one to regain vision more immediately.

Eye care professionals should be consulted for vision correction and improvement. They are better placed to give advice on the specific needs of each patient. One should make sure that he or she makes an appointment with qualified eye care professionals for the best in vision correction and improvement.

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How Important Are Regular Roof Cleanings And Maintenance To Make Sure It Lasts A Long Time?

How Important Are Regular Roof Cleanings And Maintenance To Make Sure It Lasts A Long Time?

If you own a home, can you guess what the single-most important structural element of it is? Interestingly, it’s not the foundation or the walls. It’s your roof. You probably don’t give your roof a second thought, but it keeps things from falling into your home, including hail, snow, rain, leaves, and even animals. It also keeps your home dry and helps seal it so you can keep things at a safe and comfortable temperature inside your abode.

The same goes for any business building that you own are responsible for. It protects your employees, your customers, your inventory, and your equipment. Your operations areas stay safe and secure since they’re literally covered.

In either case, you need to have a good roof over your head. However, whether you need to get one or already have one, it’s up to you to make sure that it stays a good roof. That’s going to mean regular roof cleanings and maintenance. To find a quality Portland roofing contractor that cleans roofs please first check Dial One Roofing’s website here.

A roof that doesn’t get regular upkeep will start running into risks of holes and leaks. When water does start coming into a building, it can be as minor as water stains on the walls and ceilings, or as major as creating problems for the foundation that jeopardize the entire home. That’s to say nothing of potential flooding, mold, or even infestations of rodents and other pests. The decrease in energy efficiency of the home also presents itself as a huge issue that costs more and more money for both heating and air conditioning. Your HVAC units might have to work too hard for too long, even eventually having shorter life service cycles than they might have otherwise had.

They’re not the only things that might wind up not lasting as long as they should. A roof that doesn’t get cleaned and repaired frequently is eventually going to be past the point of repair, or at least past the point of it being worth it.

When roof problems are left to fester, they not only multiply, but they get worse. That will mean the roof just won’t last as long because it’s not being tended to. You might think not having professionals coming out twice a year for inspections and maintenance could save money, but it actually doesn’t. A roof that is well-cared is not only going to last longer than one that isn’t, it might actually last so long as to be two to three times cheaper when averaged out each year as compared to getting a faster replacement.

Contributing post from Dial One’s blog:

These things crack me up… we get the Best roofer in Portland award again, just for doing our job! Honestly, we wouldn’t do the job any different if we knew the award was coming. But there’s a reason why we get these every year.

It really boils down to a few things. People get estimates for doing their job, not knowing what they’re going to get, or what they’re actually looking for the first place. My job is to make sure that you get the best product and the best installation for your exact roofing situation.

Costs for the project can come into play, however, from my point of view, it doesn’t matter whether I’m giving you a one year warranty or a 50 year warranty; I have to install the roof to the best of my abilities in every case. The last thing that I ever want to hear is that one of my roofs is leaking.

People get multiple estimates from various roofing companies for a lot of different reasons; price, warranty, financing, etc. Unfortunately, companies that charge too little for their work soon run out of money, so if they issued a warranty, it’s void any ways.

When it comes to your roof, this is something that’s exposed to the weather 24/7. You can buy cheap windows, siding, lawn furniture, but when it comes to your roof, you want to make sure you’re buying the best warranty, using the best products, by a company that’s known for standing behind their work. And only a company that has time and time again proven that they do this should be considered.

It may sound stupid, but we don’t accept every job that comes along. If the situation cannot be warranted, it doesn’t get my name on it. If I cannot positively identify the roofing problem, then we’re not going to be able to positively identify correct solution to the problem. Sometimes, people ask us to operate with one hand type behind our back; reduced price, just fix the rot, do just a piece of the job. Honestly, we have a license with the state that requires us to do a perfect job. Anything less than perfect, and we may end up in court, for doing a favor. This is not the way we like to do business, obviously.

So yes, when you get an estimate from us, it will be for doing the job to the best of our abilities, with a full warranty, and we may be a little higher than the another roofer that was found on the Nickel Ads. For 33 years, this has been our philosophy, and it has served all of our customers well. Because of this, homes with roofs we installed decades ago are still under warranty, and we have no choice but continue doing just the same.

So thanks, give us the stupid award, and see you next year!

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What Are A Few Fun Things To Do In Portland, Oregon?

Portland is the biggest city in the whole state of Oregon. At the dawn of the 20th century, this city was actually considered one of the more dangerous port cities all around the world, as racketeering and organized crime had gotten quite common. That reputation is now a thing of the past. As a matter of fact, this city has actually been voted as one of the top 10 most popular cities in all the United States.

The first thing that you can do is to attend a Portland Trailblazers game. The city loves this franchise considering how it’s the only major league franchise in the state of Oregon, as any hockey, baseball, or football you find will either be collegiate or minor league. From late October to April or even May, depending on how deep into the playoffs they go, you can go watch Damien Lillard and C.J. McCollum lead their team against the best of the Western Conference of the NBA.

Mt. Hood might not be a name you know, but you’ll probably recognize it for being the snow-capped peak that towers in the background over so many photos and images of Portland over the years. There’s quite a bit of great hiking or scenic driving in that direction, and the area is known for some stunning waterfalls.

Back in the city, you might want to check out the historic Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. It originally included the first planetarium anywhere in the Northwest with a show lasting 20 minutes. The local government stepped in to prevent the home originally housing the museum from being demolished. A new museum opened back in 1958 thanks to 400 volunteers. This popular museum sees more than a million annual visitors.

Another place that you should see Washington Park. This huge 410-acre space of land is home to quite a few of Portland’s best attractions, including an arboretum, Japanese Gardens, a children’s museum, and a zoo. If you don’t want to spend time at these attractions, you can also enjoy picnic areas, tennis courts, playgrounds, and wild forest you can explore. 15 miles of jogging and walking trails connect to places like Council Crest, Forest Park, and Pittock Mansion.

Oregon Zoo might be the state’s most famous attraction. It opened back in 1888 when someone who privately collected animals chose to donate them all the city. The modern zoo has nearly 2,000 animals ranging across more than 200 species. 10 percent of those species are threatened or endangered, and there is a breeding program for every one to help with their survival.

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Facts About Portland

Portland, Oregon is considered to be one of the best places to live in the United States. The reason being, it’s gorgeous mountain setting, clean air, mild temperatures, modest population, rivers and lakes and most of all, it’s friendly people. Portland is situated in a mountain setting allowing for spectacular views of Mount Hood, Willamette and The Columbia River from just about anywhere in the city. Downtown is remarkably clean and a very interesting place to frequent. It’s small-town appeal with the hustle and bustle and mass transit of a major metropolitan area makes this great NW city a great place to visit or make it your home. Portland suburbs have wide open spaces for comfortable living where neighborhoods range from tract housing to large acreage parcels farther from the city.

Close to Seattle?

Portland is nestled in the Cascade Mountain Range between the Willamette and Columbia Rivers. The most northern point of the suburbs lies on the Oregon-Washington border. Cities like Seattle are located about a 5hr. drive due north. Eugene Oregon is about a 2.5 hr drive south. Many beautiful coastal cities such as Astoria (featured in Kindergarten Cop) are a short drive from the metro area.

Interesting facts about Portland

Portland isn’t famous for much. It is truly an overlooked quality city in the great northwest. They do have such oddball attractions like the Stark’s Vaccum Cleaner Museum, spanning the 100-year history of the vacuum. Portland is also home to the 24-hr Church of Elvis… Don’t ask! Discover more facts below about Portland and the state of Oregon.

Fact one: The capital city of Oregon is Salem. Due south on interstate 5 you will find Salem, Eugene, and Rosberg.

Fact two: The Cascades are spectacular featuring Multnomah Falls with the highest waterfall in Oregon, at 620 feet.

Fact three: Oregon has many climates, wet and mild west of the Cascades and dry high-desert plains east of the mountain range.

Fact four: The longest continuous river in Oregon is the Columbia at 1,243 miles.

Fact five: The Oregon state motto is “She Flies With Her Own Wings”.

Fact six: The state flag is navy blue, with the state shield on one side and a beaver on the other.

Fact seven: “Oregon, My Oregon” was designated the state song in 1927.

Fact eight: The American Beaver, was named the Oregon state animal in 1969. Oregon is also known as “The Beaver State”.

Fact nine: The Western Meadowlark is Oregon’s state bird.

Fact ten: The Chinook salmon is the state fish and is the largest of the Pacific salmons.

Fact eleven: Oregon Grape is the Oregon State Flower.

Fact twelve: The Douglas Fir, is the official state tree.

Fact thirteen: Oregon has the deepest lake in the United States. The lake, Crater Lake is 1,932 feet at its deepest point.

Fact fourteen: Powells is the largest new and used book store in the world. A great database of books so, finding that book is easy. The staff is nerdy, brainy and very helpful. The best and biggest when book hunting in Portland.

Fact fifteen: Timberline Lodge Ski Area, Mt. Hood Ski Bowl, Cooper Spur Ski Area, Mt. Hood Meadows, and Summit Ski Area are the 5 major ski areas on Mt. Hood. Timberline Lodge Ski Area is the only year-round ski season in North America.

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